I had no time to hate is a poetry of Emily Dickinson, consists of two stanzas with eight lines. It is a very short and simple poetry. It talks about hate and love. In this poetry Emily argues that it is no time either to hate or to love. It also concerns to the idea of life, death, brevity of life, life after death, and personal agency. From the first up to the fifth line, Emily straightly disagree about being in hate and being in love in life, proving her ideas with some logics as it is in the second line: if someone hates, the grave would restrain her and since life is insufficient to fill with antagonism. However, unfortunately the idea of no time to love has no evidence. Emily uses a contrast as stated in fifth line; declaring she has no time to love but however she chooses to try to love anyway– the brevity of life – she has to do something in her life but since/some industry must be- other only sit and wait for death, she decides that the small effort of loving the little toil of love- would satisfy her –I thought/be large enough for me-.

         There is a sense of regret in the poem. The writer actually seems please with her decision to choose love over hate, she seem on a level of fighting against the erasure of identity that will come with death. In this poetry, Emily puts the most emphasis on the word “me” which is believed that the writer is reflecting on her life. The writer firstly emphasizes that life is too short to make it busy by hating and loving but at the end of stanza, the writer affirms her wish to about being loved by someone or something. The writer uses mostly past words: had, was, and thought to emphasize an unfulfilled desire.

    Emily was belonged to romanticism period, we can see that the work or the life tend to be pessimism, sensitive and expressive individually which is actually Emily Dickinson includes in this context. One of her sensitive poet” I had no time to hate” actually express her feeling that she feel before she died.  Which is in that time she feel lonely and emptiness, and she realize in that time what she really need is love, or support from her surrounding to help her through her time before she die. Next part what she want to emphasize is that she doesn’t have time to hate. This reflect her condition in the past which is we can see from her life that she is considered as an individualistic person. Her character may be because of her personal experience or the depressed like her protective father that teach her in a strict rule that actually Emily doesn’t like but she cannot say her disagreement and also her two times breaking heart of men, that according to us also make her became afraid to be love again because of her romantic. Her thing that the society where she lives was also meaningless. The go to church and they became too fanaticism to it. While according to Emily she can got it from nature as her religion. The result is that she doesn’t see the useful point from going to church and having a society. For Emily, society and she have different perspective and they don’t understand her. The ways of her thinking give negative emotion (she use many hyperbole words as a result of her negative feeling). That’s why before she die, she want to release all her negative emotion (hate feeling) because she thinks that it is useless to hate someone and having enemies. And the last point is that maybe she made this poem to express her religious point of view. Which is she more learn about religion that open her mind in the time she feel that her death is near. She thinks that love is more important neither hate nor being hate by someone. The point of what she want to express in this poem is that the hope of love by her surroundings before she died, that maybe she doesn’t get much all this time because of her individualistic character in the society.

Besides there is a tone of regret but perhaps there is a hint in there of regret but overall we could feel of contentment and acceptance of what she had experienced in life rather than what she hadn’t, even though she acknowledges it. Although she is looking from her death bed and just accepting what was of her life, admitting that she never had time to feel the full emotions of hate. Feeling that she had begun to dislike things but never had time to feel real hate and that was problem a positive but on the other hand she never had time to fully love either but is content with having shared love through her poetry.


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